The Drama Over a Controversial Piece

So, The New York Times kicked up a storm by dropping a huge article speculating about Taylor Swift’s love interests. In this super long essay titled “Look What We Made Taylor Swift Do,” editor Anna Marks dives into Swift’s songs, hinting that she might be sending sneaky messages about being part of the LGBTQ+ crew.

The Fallout is Real

But, whoa, did this piece get some serious heat! Not just from regular Times readers, but also from some folks close to Swift. They says Swift’s crew called out the article, saying it wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it was about a guy like Shawn Mendes. They’re calling it sexism and a shady move.

The Backlash and Big Problems

One of Swift’s peeps spilled the tea anonymously, saying this was a major breach of ethics. They’re all fired up, calling the article invasive and totally untrue. Plus, they’re not buying the excuse that it’s just an ‘opinion piece’—they’re saying it’s way out of line.

Variety’s top music critic, Chris Willman, went on a Twitter rant, slamming the article and pointing out that the writer has a history of doing this kind of thing—remember the speculation about Harry Styles back in 2022?

Strong Reactions

Chely Wright, a country singer who’s part of the LGBTQ+ scene and got a shoutout in Marks’s piece, wasn’t having any of it. She slammed the article as awful and triggering. For her, it’s not about her own story being mentioned, but the whole public discussion of someone’s private life that’s just not cool.

The Argument Behind It All

Marks defends her theories by pointing to signs in Swift’s career that she believes hint at Swift being part of the LGBTQ+ community. She thinks Swift’s been dropping hints in her music for ages, even before it was cool in mainstream America.

Swift’s Side of Things

Sure, Swift’s been a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ gang, making her concerts a safe space and speaking out for their rights. But she’s never actually said she’s part of the crew. In fact, she mentioned in a note for her re-recorded 1989 album that she hung out with female friends on purpose to dodge the media’s love life gossip.

Marks’s Defense and NYT Staying Silent

Marks kinda saw this coming and tried to tackle potential criticism in the article itself. She’s saying talking about these things keeps the conversation going and shapes our culture.

As for The New York Times, they’re staying tight-lipped. They’re not directly addressing the uproar, just pointing to what Marks already said in the article.

To Wrap It Up

This whole speculation about Taylor Swift’s love life in The New York Times has really set things on fire. It’s sparked debates about privacy, ethics, and where the line is in reporting about famous folks’ personal stuff.


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